5 Misconceptions That Limit The Growth Of Your Language School


If you are responsible for running a language school, you probably know how much of a hassle it can sometimes become. Business owners often get busy with their organizations and tend to forget about the bigger picture which contributes to unconscious revenue loss. We have a tendency to focus on the immediate and urgent problems, when what we really need to do, every now and then, is to check whether we are thinking strategically and long term. In order to ensure that your language school business model is on the right track for success and continuous improvement, we suggest you aim to avoid the following mindsets.

1.I don’t need a marketing strategy. Word of mouth and personal recommendations will do the job.

Although testimonials and recommendations can bring many new students to your school, you cannot rely only on your clients’ networks and their willingness to share their experiences with others to promote your business. How you position yourself as a brand is exactly how people will see you.

It’s true that it’s a small world we live in but imagine potential clients you might be unconsciously losing by not taking your marketing online. Social media pages that are well maintained and inspire leadership thought will always put your business in a good light and can also give your clients an insight into what studying at your school feels like.

2. Why take my language school online if face-to-face works perfectly fine?

Just because the standard face-to-face method works doesn’t mean that there is no better alternative. Taking your language school online could open a wide range of possibilities for your business that wouldn’t have been possible in a standard, face-to-face school setting. The ESL market is constantly changing and if you don’t follow and adjust to the changes and trends, someone else (most probably your competitors) will.
Find out the reasons why it’s about time we take the Online English Market Seriously and see how much of a game-changer it can be for your school. It’s not only generating more revenue but also saving you a lot of time and energy.

3. I don’t have the time to measure statistics. As long as I am generating enough revenue to pay all my staff, I’m good’

The goal shouldn’t only be to ‘make it’ financially and make your business model viable. Being an entrepreneur and running your own organization is a continuous learning process and search for a solution that takes minimum effort and gives maximum results. To see what truly works and what doesn’t, you need to measure your most important, metrics, analyze the statistics, create reports that will allow you to make decisions based on facts…
Important Tip: Don’t forget to implement one small change at a time to know exactly which factor contributed to successfully meeting your business objectives and which factor did not.

4. I don’t need an English speaking secretary.

It’s understandable that hiring the right staff is never an easy process and always a risk. As if finding an appropriate person to coordinate your center wasn’t difficult enough, it’s even harder when you also require your staff to speak impeccable English.
Remember that many times it is your center coordinator, secretary or admin assistant that really is the face of your company. These are the people who interact directly with your potential clients at the end of the day and not the teachers, who only interact with a limited group of enrolled students. Employing a center coordinator who has a good command of English inspires more credibility and trust and ensures the potential student that they are in good hands.

5. I have a proven methodology so I don’t need additional learning resources

It is vital to recognize the importance of an individual approach and being aware that you can’t expect the same results from everyone relying only on a single methodology. Although it can really be a great one, it will not always work for everyone. Before offering the best learning solution to your students, the first step is to identify their study goals and motivations and then to discover what their preferred learning style is.
It is not without reason that 93% of school teachers in the UK agree that teaching is more effective when students receive the information in their preferred learning style. If, in your group there happens to be that one student who seems to ‘never quite get it’ and ‘always fall behind’, that might be the reason why. It is of little use trying to motivate and support them when in fact you might be leading them down the wrong path.

By abandoning all of the above mindsets you are preparing your business for growth. Sometimes, it can be difficult to control your thoughts and fixed thinking patterns that might be limiting your business, so make sure that you always question yourself and take time to review those quotes every now and then. Like this, you can be sure to stay focused on your goals and maximize your chances for success.

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