Three Things Make us Different

Our niche is personalised
online B2B English
We're at our best when we work with clients that require complex and customised online English language solutions warranting an extended and highly consultative process.
We build blueprints
for success
We help our clients and partners to establish a language program across an organisation with careful planning and flawless execution.
The immediate return
on investment
92% of our Learners feel that they can apply their learning to their job immediately, adding value to your business straight away.
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    The English Language Technology Supplier

    We help businesses, education providers and governments build personalised online English Language training and tutoring programmes that drive growth and power a competitive advantage.

The English Language Technology Supplier

We help businesses, education providers and governments build personalized online English Language training and tutoring programs that drive growth and power competitive advantage.

The Infinitum English CloudTM

Key features that have been designed to open global opportunities through the power of online learning.

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    Private Lessons

    Support Provided in a one-to-one setting is the fastest way to learn.

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    Motivation Boost

    Each learner is paired with their own personal success coordinator.

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    Around The Clock

    Lessons are available 24 hours a day. 7 days a week and can be rescheduled at short notice.

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    Writing Exercise

    Learners get their individually marked assignments back within 5 days of submission.

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    Learners can immerse themselves immediately build confidence and improve their accents.

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    Progress Reporting

    Our reporting tools allow teachers, parents, and managers to stay updated.

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    Industry Specific

    Courses focusing on key terminology within major industry groups.

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    Conversation Lessons

    Conversation classes designed to give the learner extensive speaking time.

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    Business English

    Improving the business English skills that professionals need on a daily basis.

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    Flexible Content

    Use our CEFR aligned content or we can use yours.

The Student Journey

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    A chance for the student to try the online learning experience and have their current level assessed at the same time.

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    Personalized Plan

    Our dedicated team will handcraft a study plan that will meet the students’ goals and is based on their hobbies and interests.

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    Online Learning

    Students receive individualised online tutoring to help them learn at their pace and on their level to build skills, confidence and motivation.

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    Share & Review

    We gather external feedback every five sessions: this gives us the chance to understand what’s going well and what we can improve.

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    Exam & Certify

    We validate student learning through academic exams, mock interviews and personal evaluations with our experts.

A Consultative Approach

Step 1: Define Objectives

We match your organisational objectives with our expertise to create an results-driven strategic program.

Step 2: Assess Needs

We craft a solution that is scalable, and customised to help you achieve your current and future needs.

Step 3: Tailor and Deliver

We tailor training and support your students with an engaging study plan.

Step 4: Track Progress

We help you keep track of the results and overall progressby ensuring that your key metrics are achieved.

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