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Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Terms

Standard Terms

1. These Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Terms apply to your application for a place on the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Programme. If we make an offer to you of a place on the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Programme (an Offer), these Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Terms shall also apply to our Offer and your acceptance of such, and to our provision to you of, and your participation in, the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Programme.

2. These Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Terms apply in addition to any offer letter in respect of an Offer, the Privacy Policy (which explains how we use your personal information) and the Infinitum Education Terms and Conditions (together, the Terms). In the event of any conflict between the Terms, the documents will prevail in the following order of priority:-

(a) The terms contained in any offer letter in respect of an Offer.
(b) These Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Terms.
(c) Privacy Policy.
(d) he Infinitum Education Terms and Conditions.

3. We are Infinitum Education Limited (we, us, our or Infinitum Education) a company registered in England and Wales. Our company registration number is 10609324 and our registered office is at 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom.

4. Any offer letter we send to you will contain details of how and when you must accept an Offer of a place, and any amounts payable by you in respect of the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Programme.

5. Immediately upon your acceptance of any Offer we may make in respect of the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Programme you hereby, on behalf of yourself and the company/entity involved in/the subject of the programme (the “Company”), grant to us the following option to acquire shares in the Company. During or at any time during the period of 6 months following the programme in which you and/or the Company participated, the Company may be selected to be awarded an investment by certain investors in our and the investors’ sole discretion. You hereby agree that (and shall procure that) we shall (at our sole discretion), in the event of any such investment, have an option on written notice to receive at nominal value such number of the most senior class of fully paid shares in issue in the capital of the Company as is equal at such time to 2.5% of the share capital (on a fully diluted basis) in the Company.