Our goal is to develop entrepreneurial life skills as a core competency for students from kindergarten through to high school.

According to the World Economic Forum, approximately 65 percent of children entering primary school today are likely to work in careers that do not exist at the moment. The problem is twofold: we can’t predict the “hard skills” and jobs of the future and the current education system doesn’t prepare students for a rapidly changing job market and the world.

We believe they need to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset to harness their natural imagination to build their own opportunities and tackle the problems they are passionate about solving in order for our children to succeed. It is time we got educationally inventive.

Employers and education providers lack alignment

There is a clear disparity in the viewpoints from employers and education providers over their level of job readiness students have upon graduation.

Whilst education providers clearly feel that their graduates are ready and equipped with the right tools to enter the workforce, the ground realities show a different story.

SOURCE: McKinsey survey, Aug-Sept 2012

A solution to youth unemployment

Youth unemployment has long been a smoldering global crisis, but the economic downturn since 2008 has made it a burning issue.

Entrepreneurship development programs can help to develop effective work-life skills for the graduates of tomorrow. As well as supporting and providing the building blocks to go on an established business venture that will support increase job opportunities in the economy.

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Being entrepreneurial does not just mean launching new business ventures. It’s about the bigger picture and creating solutions for real-word problems. It is a way of thinking that can be learned and mastered.

Problem Solving

Proactively working to developing creative solutions to the real problems


A growth mindset and resilience that makes an entrepreneur determined to bounce back from failures and setbacks.

Positive Thinking

Learning to work through failure to create solutions for the problems students are passionate about.


Making changes and continuously improving when challenges arise, without losing heart or giving up.

Team Work

Making the most of diverse perspectives, skills, and talents to achieve high impact results.

Technology enables customization to student needs

The core components of our youth entrepreneurship programmes can be summarised in six areas.

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    Differentiated curriculum

    We offer differentiated, age-appropriate curriculum separated into lower elementary (grades 1-2), upper elementary (grades 3-5), and middle/high school (grades 6-12).

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    Flexible implementation

    Our entrepreneurial curriculum features activities that can be taught sequentially or plugged into existing coursework, after-school (OST) programmes, or camps.

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    Ready to Go!

    All the lesson planning is done for you. Each lesson features detailed preparation, step-by-step instructions, teaching tips, and all the slides and handouts.

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    Cross-curricular connections

    Entrepreneurship demands a varied skill set. Lessons bring the latest innovative thinking concepts under the umbrella of entrepreneurship.

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    Curriculum’s for less developed education systems

    Lessons emphasize real-world connections and problem-solving for a cause.

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    21st century skills made accessible

    Critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communication and collaboration are explicitly taught. Guided reflections after each activity deepen understanding

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Sign-up to our Young Leaders Programme taking place in Oxford. The one week program will take place between the 12t… https://t.co/bHdVQVyKUH
Sign-up to our Young Leaders Programme taking place in Oxford. The one week program will take place between the 12t… https://t.co/VgbcPEONpH