How effective communication can increase productivity in the workplace


Most jobs across many fields will require excellent communication skills, as they are essential to the smooth running and overall well-being of a successful company. Information needs to be transferred to the right place at the right time for tasks to be completed and goals to be met. But what exactly is needed to improve these processes and the overall communication within your company? In a large or even medium-sized business, it can be difficult to ensure effective communication, especially when there are numerous languages being spoken by the staff. This blog will delve into the intricacies of successful communication and the conditions that must be met for the clear transmission of information.

A Greater Understanding

One of the biggest setbacks to a company’s success is not a lack of strategy or innovation but is instead often down to miscommunication. Imagine a manager comes up with a plan to increase his company’s presence on social media but fails to clearly explain to his staff the way that they should be uploading, sharing and spreading their content. This elementary lack of ineffective communication could be responsible (in the long run) for a massive loss of potential customers, clients, and overall exposure. Nothing would be more frustrating for a business owner than starting off with an idea that could have been successful but failing to reap the rewards because of a lack of communication. An increased understanding would not only ensure that strategies are carried out correctly but would also increase the chance of extracting peak performance in the workplace and achieving the best possible outcome for the company.

Employee Empowerment

Communication can also increase productivity through the means of empowering staff members. If your employees are provided with more information and have a greater grasp of what they’re supplied with, they’ll feel more empowered and will approach their tasks with increased confidence and drive to succeed. In our daily lives we all like to feel informed and like we know what’s happening around us – the same goes for how we feel at work. When your employees are really included and have a clear idea of the direction they’re going in then they’re usually more productive. A case study has shown that companies that communicated with their employees in a more transparent way noted greater levels of motivation when it came to their work.

An Increase of Accountability

For a company to be successful, managers must know what to expect from their staff in the same way that colleagues must know what to expect from one another. When everyone is clear on their roles and responsibilities, it’s easier for employees to work as there is less confusion. Imagine how difficult it would be to pinpoint the source of miscommunication when a number of staff members may not have understood their tasks in the first place. This illustrates why clear communication is so crucial – accountability turns the otherwise challenging task of identifying and dealing with any issues into a very simple one.

A Healthy Environment

Going to work isn’t always everyone’s idea of fun to begin with, and it might seem even more daunting for your employees if they feel like they don’t have good working relationships with each other. The perfect working atmosphere revolves around respect, empowerment and a desire to work hard alongside your colleagues. Effective communication is the key to a healthy and productive workplace, and although it may seem difficult at first, this blog (hyperlink) will help to explain [How to Overcome the Challenges of Implementing English in a Business]. And what happens when your employees feel happy and valued at work? They’re less likely to be lured away by competing for offers, meaning your employee retention rates will increase. This is beneficial as it’s better to keep a hold of employees who are already performing at peak efficiency than it is to spend time training and orienting new recruits. All this potential for success stems from effective communication, which is what allows companies to run smoothly and operate with minimal confusion.

A Greater Emphasis on Teamwork

Employees that are effectively communicating with one another are more likely to get through their workloads faster and be better equipped for tasks such as problem-solving. The quality of the work won’t be compromised as staff members that are comfortable working together will be more willing to look over each other’s work and provide guidance where needed. Even the most competent of employees can make mistakes, and sometimes all it takes to reduce errors is a fresh set of eyes. According to this 2013 study by Willis Towers Watson, effective communication in groups of employees is key to an increase in productivity in the workplace. This proves that when people put their heads together and approach a task in unison, the chance of a successful outcome increases.

Overall, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact reason as to exactly how an improvement in communication can increase productivity in the workplace. My research has led me to conclude that there is a kind of ripple effect associated with the subject at hand. The benefits of effective communication are so vast and widespread that it’s difficult to list them all, let alone try to narrow them down concisely. In contrast, the damage caused by a lack of communication can be detrimental to a company and its goals, as a single misunderstood message can spread through an entire workforce and throw everyone who hears it off task. Only negative communication can cause such extremes, and therefore implementing it successfully should be considered as highly important by business owners who wish to see their companies flourish.

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