In a profession that focuses on learning and knowledge, it is all too important for education administrators to set aside time for the personal development and training of its teaching staff.

Infinitum Education’s Teacher Training Programme is a gamechanger for the continuing professional development of teachers and helps to support them in remaining competent, effective and innovative within their roles.

Infinitum Education offers one of the most effective ways to improve student performance, increase staff retention and develop a culture of excellence across a whole school. The overriding purpose is to help teachers continually improve the quality of their teaching. Infinitum Education should address development needs, maximize strengths and enable all teachers to meet the challenge of teaching in the 21st century.

Teacher Training Challenges

The acute challenges related to the personal development of teachers.

A problem of leadership capability in designing and implementing nationwide programmes
The lack of quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes
The lack of attraction and retainment of highly qualified and talented teachers

The Impact of Teacher Turnover on Student Learning

Research shows again and again that teachers are the single most important factor in student achievement. The lack of clear and well-structured teacher training development programs is a major contributing factor in the global challenge of teacher retention.

The “revolving door” of teachers is not just inconvenient for schools – teacher turnover harms student achievement, discourages educators, and is expensive for districts. To maximize student performance and minimize teacher attrition, we have to develop long-term solutions to help schools retain effective teachers.

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Content knowledge

As well as a strong understanding of the material being taught, teachers must also understand the ways students think about the content, be able to evaluate the thinking behind students’ own methods, and identify students’ common misconceptions.

Quality of instruction

This includes teachers being skilled in effective questioning and use of assessment. Good teachers also deploy techniques such as reviewing previous learning, and giving adequate time for children to practice, meaning skills are embedded securely.

Teaching climate

A good teaching climate challenges students, develops a sense of competence, attributes success to effort rather than ability, and values resilience to failure.

Classroom management

Efficient use of lesson time; co-ordinating classroom resources and space; and managing students’ behaviour with clear rules that are consistently enforced all help to increase productivity in the classroom.

Teacher Mindset

Research indicates that primary school teachers’ beliefs about the nature of mathematics and their theories about how children learn – and their role in that learning – are more important to student outcomes than the level of mathematics qualification the teacher holds.

Professional behaviours

Developing professional skills and practice, participating in professional development, supporting colleagues and the broader role of liaising and communicating with parents.

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Sign-up to our Young Leaders Programme taking place in Oxford. The one week program will take place between the 12t… https://t.co/VgbcPEONpH