About the Programme

While new technologies benefit the world in surprising ways, it has also created new realms of criminal activity which we all are familiar with. Keeping prevalent attack on informational attributes in mind, Infinitum Education’s carefully weighted Cyber Security programme ensures a proactively smart and knowledge packed world of cyber and information safety. The course is crafted to inspire students to learn opportunities for building a career while equipping them with in-depth and enriched practical knowledge of the evolving cyber activities.


The Cyber Security programme is designed to give students an elaborated insight into the world of hacking and cyber defence by encouraging real time learning experience, supported by theoretical knowledge. It acts as a mature guide for nourishing the skill set required to perfect the art of encryption. Being rightly structured to teach students how to defend themselves against data attack and online malicious content, it enables a versatile conceptualization of staying safe against all informational breach.

What will you learn from the Cyber Security Programme?

Get to know the hackers mindset

Learn methods to defeat online data traffic, hackers and trackers

Get perfection in data encryption

Specialise in advanced security measures

Experience live attacks and demos in a dynamic learning environment

Learn distinguished and exclusive data infrastructure

Delivery Schedule

Being highly responsive to emerging technological enhancements, we have kept the programme up to date and in sync with the current learning needs of our high caliber and young individuals. Our team has managed to build an all-encompassing Cyber Security Bootcamp, revolving around a wide range of concepts leading to one of a kind learning experience. The well-thought-out and carefully planned 20-hour bootcamp comprises 4 hours of live sessions (1 hour each) and 16 hours of dense reading literature inculcating presentations, videos, case studies and analysis.

Programme Breakdown

Cyber Security Overview

First Live Hour

  • What is cyber security?
  • History of cyber security
  • Career options in the cyber world

The Hacker’s Perspective (Red Team)

Second Live Hour

  • Think from the hacker’s mindset
  • Attack vectors
  • Tools and background essential for an ethical hacker

The Cyber Perspective: (Blue Team)

Third Live Hour

  • Methods of operations
  • Security controls available
  • Security strategies

Live Attack Demos

Fourth Live Hour

  • Wireless network hacking live demo
  • Penetration of a PC via exploit penetration and exploitation

About the Programme

The three month long strategically designed and all-engaging Machine Learning Programme enables sound understanding of how the machines are taught human behavioral patterns. The purposeful course revolves around making machines learn how to comprehend an assignment without the need of programming.

Mode of instruction

Introduction to Machine Learning will be delivered online through Infinitum Education’s well-sought Learning Management System, enabling the students with a wholesome and seamless learning experience. Online classes are structured to cover entire theoretical concepts with emphasis on solving practical problems sided by complex and analytical case studies. Closure will include submission of a final project to encourage extended and comprehensive learning of the subject.