The Top Three Benefits of Personalized Online Tutoring


The ideal classroom situation is hard to envisage. Educators have various tests to establish unique learning styles and there are many different pedagogical approaches in schools, universities, businesses and online learning platforms. These tools help students and teachers to identify their ‘best’ learning style and environment, but the results can differ wildly between individuals. In a classroom environment, however, it is almost impossible to implement the ‘optimum learning environment’ for every individual. Unless you innovate.

So, what does this innovation look like? How do you improve the online learning environments of so many students while maintaining a simple experience? The answer is personalised learning. Research shows that significant progress can be made with online tutoring, but it is important for teachers to use creative methods, like personalised courses, for best results.

Here are three reasons to seriously consider personalized online tutoring

Good design achieves results

Effective design is key to the success of any course, whether on or offline. Keeping your online students engaged is made much easier with a personalised approach, as every student can be quickly assessed and provided with all the materials they need. This also means that no time is wasted going over information which has already been taken in and students improve faster at less cost.

Different teaching styles

The online format still lends itself to many different styles of teaching, so every business or institution will be able to find and personalise a course which fits with their company ideals. A personalised approach allows everyone to access the materials they need to succeed, as well as making sure every learner feels that their learning preferences are being catered to.

No time limit

Individual supplements for learning can be accessed at any time, giving the student the maximum amount of freedom in their education while maintaining a weekly or daily class structure. Like a good dose of homework, having tools which specifically target certain levels of understanding helps people to develop outside of class and catch up if necessary. This reduces stress, levels the playing field and allows much faster progression over learning milestones.

Personalised learning and tailored online courses provide excellent opportunities for professional development, personal growth and business success. With useful supplements for every learner, finding a well-designed course in any teaching style is easy and this method is already gaining popularity.

The tailored method is currently being rolled out in education settings, so now is the perfect time to stay ahead of the curve. Look at the best ways to develop employees while reducing their stress. Make them feel valued by attending to their specific needs. With clear evidence that bespoke approaches lead to better retention, faster results and happier learners, there’s no better time to find the right personalised tutoring for you.

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