Two Important Reasons Why You Should be Investing in Better English


Anyone who has traveled knows how much longer it takes to be understood when you aren’t fluent in the language. Whether you’re haggling in Turkey or trying to get to your hotel in Shanghai, knowing a few words can make all the difference. Could you imagine trying to close a business deal with those skills? Or arranging a pick-up or drop-off of valuable shipments? Perhaps you could apply those three shaky sentences to sort out a data issue?

Of course, these are extreme examples, but the reality for many employees across the world is that a lack of support and improvement in English is holding them back from maximizing their potential. English is a precise language, allowing able speakers to get their points across with simple structures and little ambiguity. It is, however, important to refine the understanding of grammatical landmines like tenses and prepositions in order to be fully understood in the global business world.

Professional Development

Understanding English on websites is an essential part of professional development as many help documents or How-to Guides are published exclusively in English. Estimates suggest around 50% of the web is in English and it can be pretty difficult to find extra information on globally recognized software or hardware with accurate and accessible translations. To help employees help themselves, it’s important to give them skills to seek their own information and guidance.

Globalization means English is necessary for businesses and individuals to grow. If you want to maximize international opportunities and grow your business from a successful national venture to a globally recognized operation, it’s essential to have shared language skills with other countries. Unless you have a very specific reason to break into the Spanish or French market and invest in those languages, it’s best to improve your chances of scoring business deals using improved English. A little emphasis on professional development goes a long way!

A Social Workplace

This one might not be so obvious, but promoting a social workplace where employees can speak to each other and conduct business comfortably in a common language does wonders for productivity and morale. Opening up channels for communication helps with information sharing which prevents jobs from being done twice and speeds up productivity, It also gives individuals a sense of identity within the company, so you’re likely to see decreases in turnover rates. And those are just two examples!

Research has been available for years on the obvious economic benefits of happy employees in everything from government organisations to charity volunteers and service workers. The positive benefits of better English across the workplace pays for itself in weeks.If you’re looking for a guaranteed ROI, then investing in English is the best option.

Now for the important part—how do you achieve all of these improvements while keeping the business running smoothly? The answer is outsourcing. Find a tech-savvy, forward thinking provider for your language improvement needs and let them take care of company-wide, track able, flexible and scale able programs that can help with everything from office morale to international deals. Improve English in your office, or with your remote team, or for your interns, or your international teams… the list goes on and on. Everyone can benefit personally, and every business can benefit globally. Simple, quality assessments are available right now. What are you waiting for?

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