About Infinitum Education

Infinitum Education is the only provider of Young Leaders summer programs, that has equity and shareholding from the University of Oxford via its 100% subsidiary “Oxford University Innovations”.

We Are Here to Create Future Leaders

Leaders don’t just appear, they need to be nurtured, developed and taught by the best. We cross the education sector to deliver result-driven change.
  • Passion for Entrepreneurship
  • Developing Teacher Talent
  • Inspiring Young Leaders
  • Transforming Education Systems
  • Education Technology
  • Cloud English

Why We Are Different

Infinitum Education’s Young Leaders Programme was first conceived at its Oxford University
Innovations office in Buxton Court with a single clear aim: To Be The Best, You Must Learn From The Best.

World-Class Learning

Personalized learning tutorials offer individualized attention from academic experts.

  • University Style Experience
  • Take Control
  • Critical Thinking
  • Fresh Perspectives
  • Challenge Norms

Learn from the Best

Our speakers are award-winning performers, have held leadership roles within the United Nations and are members of faculty at the University of Oxford

  • Inspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Professors and researchers from elite universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard)
  • Award-Winning Innovators
  • Speakers from the UN and World Bank,
  • Advisors of Governments

Life-Long Friendships

One of the highlights will be the friendships you’ll forge with students who come from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe.

  • Global Cultures
  • Rich Traditions
  • First-hand Knowledge
  • Share Experiences
  • Connected with Inspiring Minds

Live and Breath Oxford

A unique city that you won’t tire of exploring whilst following the footsteps of Adam Smith, Rupert Murdoch and many other great leaders.

  • Great Architecture
  • Great Minds
  • Great Culture
  • Great Leaders
  • Great Design

Make Friends from Around the World

Friendships you’ll forge with students who come from all walks of life
and various countries around the world

The Application Process


Register Your Interest

Complete the form at the bottom of this page and you will be provided details on completing the application form.


Complete Application Form

Show us why we should accept you on the Young Leaders Programme.


Oxford Style Interview

The interview is an opportunity to apply their thinking and knowledge to new problems.


Decision Letter

If you are accepted, you will be sent an acceptance letter with the next steps to help you prepare.

Programme Structure & Example Sessions

Our programmes are crafted with the development of young leaders in mind
and are divided into four key areas


The skills and mindset of a leader. Delivered by world-leading professionals from Government, Corporations and the University of Oxford.

Example Sessions Include:

  • Lessons from Corporate Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs Journey
  • Social Leadership


Small group workshops with experts matched to the student’s interests

  • Career Coaching
  • Negotiation Challenge
  • Influence with Positivity and Power
  • University Application and Interviews


A rare opportunity to learn from senior leaders from leading organisations and educational institutions.

  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Sciences

Extra Curricular

Spending time to develop life-long friendship without borders.

  • Networking
  • Movie Nights
  • Tours of Oxford
  • Tours of the University of Oxford

Choose Your Academic Streams

We’re on a mission to inspire you to discover, explore and prepare for your future.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology

This program covers traits of a savvy entrepreneur while gaining knowledge on how to use technology to navigate businesses through economic uncertainties.


The Science stream aims to provide students with a grounding in both the exciting disciplines of Medicine and Engineering through interactive skills sessions to help them develop key competencies.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences stream is beneficial to the leaders of tomorrow as they accumulate knowledge of law, politics, economics and international relations, while acquiring important leadership skills.

We Take Care of Everything

We want students to focus on the amazing learning experience,
whilst we take care of the rest.
Airport Transfers

Infinitum Education transfer service from Heathrow airport, which involves meeting our team members at the designated meeting point at Heathrow.



Infinitum Education provides comfortable and well-maintained accommodation facilities in Oxford.


Full-board Meals

We provide both breakfast and dinner. At lunchtime, students have the opportunity to explore Oxford where there are lots of tasty lunch options.


Cultural Programmes

You’ll get to explore Oxford’s cobbled streets and inspiring architecture, following in the footsteps of Adam Smith and Albert Einstein.


Intercity Excursions

We will get you excited by sharing the 2020 Intercity Excursions itinerary with you prior to your arrival in Oxford.


Graduation Certification

Infinitum Education has equity and shareholding from the University of Oxford via its 100% subsidiary Oxford University Innovations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Training or facilitation device that lists questions that are commonly
asked by a new member, recruit, trainee, or user.



What is a typical day like?

The morning will typically involve your classes. After lunch, you will normally have a mixture of either workshops or seminars, while the evening will usually involve fun social activities. For a more detailed outline, click on a course and scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll find our timetable.

Who are my tutors?

We spend a lot of time hand-picking and training the best tutors for each course. They are a world class team of leaders and innovators, that are senior leaders from corporates, government and academia. Infinitum Education’s team hail from the worlds best universities including: University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Harvard.

All students who successfully complete the course will be given an Infinitum Education certificate at our Graduation Evening on the last night of the summer programme.. Parents or relatives are very welcome to attend this.

I have dietary needs – can this be accommodated?

We are used to accommodating most dietary requirements – including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerant, as well as religious dietary requirements and other dietary needs. We’ll ask you to let us know what your dietary requirements are when you apply, and we’ll then double check this with you when you arrive so we make sure we can cater to your needs.

How do we monitor where the students are?

Our students have a full programme of classes and activities, and as such we know where they are. However, if students choose to use their free time to explore Oxford, we have a signing-in and signing-out register. Please note, students on 16+ courses are only allowed to leave the accommodation with a friend (they are not allowed out on their own).

From dinner time onwards, students are always supervised. They must either participate in one of our group activities or relax at our accommodation.

What academic things do I need to bring with me (such as stationery etc.)?

You should bring the standard stationery that you would take with you to school – pens, pencils, paper. There are good stationery shops in central Oxford if needed.

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